SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS (April 1, 2015) – MedTrust LLC, as the partner member of a joint venture with GiaCare Inc., is excited to have been awarded a five year, firm-fixed-priced contract to operate the NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) Occupational Health Program in Hampton, Virginia. This contract is a follow-on requirement to MedTrust’s previously held NASA LaRC Clinic and Employee Wellness Services (CLEWS) Contract and provides a comprehensive Occupational Health Program for NASA LaRC.  Services include (1) staffing and operating the Occupational Health Clinic; (2) delivering an Employee Assistant Program (EAP); (3) supporting and promoting the Center Occupational Health and Wellness Program; and (4) developing and administering a Physical Fitness Program and a staffed Fitness Center.  With our dedicated team, we look forward to providing NASA Langely with continued innovation, excellence, and recognition that has been demonstrated under the prior contract.

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